Infosys tackles big data with TidalScale investment


Gary Smerdon, TidalScale

Indian consulting and technology giant Infosys is investing in TidalScale, which offers software-defined servers that make it easier and more affordable for organisations to scale up to analyse big data, according to the company.

TidalScale software-defined servers use standard unmodified hardware and are compatible with all applications, databases and operating systems. They eliminate the need to re-engineer an application to enable it to run across a cluster of lower cost servers, as well as the need to distribute the data for that application.

“Among our client base, we see a need for inventive and cost-effective approaches to deriving business value from big data, and our investment in TidalScale underscores our commitment to our clients to bring innovative new solutions across our platforms and offerings,” said Ritika Suri, senior vice president, corporate development, Infosys.

“We believe this partnership with Infosys, a global leader in next-generation services, will provide significant value to our customers and help them easily expand the amount of data they are able to digest, analyse and act upon,” said Gary Smerdon, president and CEO, TidalScale.

In something of a role reversal, the TidalScale customer is able to define the size of the server to fit the application, rather than the opposite way around.

TidalScale’s HyperKernel software layer sits beneath an operating system such as Linux to run multiple physical servers in a single virtual machine. This enables organisations to scale dynamically as demand increases, reducing the costs of purchasing new hardware and reducing the time it takes to rewrite software – issues typically associated with keeping up with the growing demands of working with big data.