Immerse your business in an analytics experience

It seems analytics solutions or platforms are not enough any more – what you really need is an experience.

Accenture has launched its Connected Analytics Experience, an immersive analytics environment designed to make it easier for a range of business users – from those in the C-suite to functional managers and data scientists – to collaborate on specific challenges, examine and interpret insights through data visualisation, and explore data for great innovation.

The Connected Analytics Experience combines analytics strategy, a multidisciplinary data insights team, a data platform offering big data technologies and an analytics centre of excellence.

According to Accenture, companies in the telecommunications, healthcare, consumer packaged foods, and financial services industries are already participating in the ‘experience’.

“With the Accenture Connected Analytics Experience, we can help take businesses and governments through every stage of their analytics journey, from issues to outcomes, mobilising data, transforming data into insight, and providing decision-makers with insight in visually appealing formats at the pivotal time to drive discussion, decisions, and value,” said Narendra Mulani, senior managing director, Accenture Analytics, part of Accenture Digital.

“Through the new immersive environment, companies are empowered in a whole new way as it brings a new energy into analytics and business intelligence, making it more collaborative, engaging, and accessible to a broader group of users, both physically and virtually.”

The Accenture Connected Analytics Experience is currently available in Accenture locations in New York City, San Jose, California, and Bangalore, India. Accenture plans to build environments in other locations around the world including Chicago, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Mumbai, Singapore, and more. Immersive environments can also be built on premise at a company’s site.

“Innovation doesn’t happen singularly, it requires collaboration among people, data, and technology,” said Paul Daugherty, chief technology officer, Accenture. “By bringing all of these enabling elements together through the Accenture Connected Analytics Experience – from leading and emerging big data technologies and data visualisation tools to Accenture’s large global multidisciplinary talent pool – businesses can more confidently weave collaborative, data-driven decision-making into their corporate cultures and take actions that can lead to innovation, transformation and disruption.”