IBM delivers new analytics offerings for the mainframe

IBM has announced it will upgrade its System z mainframe to keep up with customer demand for real-time analytic ability in the context of consumer transactions.

The announcement reveals that IBM’s System z will be paired with the ability to analyse big data in a real-time environment, making it a legitimate, streamlined end-to-end data system, from point of sale to database and back again.

The real-time component will allow business users the opportunity to make real-time actions on commercial transactions while said transactions are occurring for fraud prevention.

Among the new features is the ability to upgrade a customer’s profile with every interaction with the company they make, thereby giving the customer immediate upgrades and special offers that might take weeks or months to process otherwise.

“Off-loading operational data in order to perform analytics increases cost and complexity while limiting the ability of businesses to use the insights in a timely manner,” said Ross Mauri, general manager, System z, IBM Systems & Technology Group.

“Now there is an end-to-end solution that makes analytics a part of the flow of transactions and allows our clients to gain real time insights while improving their business performance with every transaction.”