HP launches new security analytics solutions

HP has released new solutions designed to help organisations shift from legacy security methods to an approach that focuses on protecting the interactions among users, applications and data.

HP argues that with the growing volume and complexity of data, an intelligent security platform that harnesses Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities with active monitoring is critical.

According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, organisations receive an average of 17,000 malware alerts per week and spend an average of $1.27 million annually in time and resources responding to inaccurate and erroneous threat intelligence.

To help organisations automate the analysis of threat data, HP has introduced HP DNS Malware Analytics (DMA), which identifies infected hosts by inspecting an enterprise’s DNS traffic.

“The new HP DNS Malware Analytics solution effectively puts the data science necessary to derive malware detection from voluminous DNS server events into a simple, highly efficient package for customers large and small, and when combined with the powerful HP ArcSight SIEM platform, provides next-generation SIEM capabilities to better protect the enterprise,” said Sue Barsamian, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Security Products, HP.

HP has also introduced HP Fortify scan analytics – machine-learning technology that uses an organisation’s application security data to improve accuracy and efficiency of application security solutions. By processing the organisation’s growing collection of historical application security scan results to reduce the number of issues that require an auditor’s review, customers can focus their resources on fewer, higher priority tasks.

These new offerings build on user behaviour analytics capabilities announced earlier in the year.
HP User Behaviour Analytics provides customers visibility into user behaviour to detect malicious or negligent users, or external attacks that compromise user accounts across the enterprise.

More information about HP’s security analytics solutions can be found at www.hp.com/software/security-analytics.