DataCamp to deliver online data science courses for global teams

data science

Online data science school, DataCamp, is working to close the data science skills gap by launching DataCamp Groups to provide global enterprise teams with a scalable way to learn data science skills together, creating data-driven cultures and helping organisations work smarter.

DataCamp Groups builds on the success of existing DataCamp courses, which are currently used by more than 300,000 learners in 150 countries including students at more than 500 universities.

“In today’s data-driven world, everyone can benefit from building their data science skills. Whether you’re in finance, marketing or technology, understanding data science can help you work smarter,” said Jonathan Cornelissen, founder and CEO, DataCamp.

DataCamp Groups employs a popular learn-by-doing interactive approach that helps teams learn and retain their new knowledge. The dedicated leaderboard creates a fun and engaging learning environment so that every team member can participate in coding challenges and games, then view and compare experience points, courses completed and skills acquired.

The company’s revenue growth and US$1 million in new seed funding are enabling DataCamp to launch Groups, expand its extensive library of data science learning resources, and partner with well-known data scientists around the world to build new interactive courses. The latest round of funding brings total seed funding for the company to US $2.3 million.