announces top BI software vendors

Photo: iStockphoto, a beta stage software reviewing platform, has released their list of the best 100 BI software providers, based on customer reviews and experiences, awarding the top five honours to Domo, Tableau, QlikView, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira and Microsoft Power BI, all boasting average review scores of 4.5 stars. uses a proprietary algorithm to determine rankings based on user reviews in five categories: review strength, engagement strength, sentiment strength, profile strength and verified status.

Domo scored 54.4 with six reviews. It scored particularly well in terms of sentiment score (14.8/15), verified score (15/15) and profile score (4.7/5).

Tableau scored 41.2 with 26 reviews, achieving a perfect 15/15 on sentiment score.

QlikView scored 40.0 with 17 reviews, scoring another perfect rating on sentiment score and a profile score of 4.7/5.

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira scored 38.8 with seven reviews, scoring another perfect rating on sentiment score and another profile score of 4.7/5.

Microsoft Power BI scored 38.5 with eight reviews, achieving a perfect rating on sentiment score.

In addition to suggestions for improving overall score, the rankings also list the software deployments, target audience, price range and whether a free trial is available.

BI software providers can compete in the rankings by inviting their customers to leave reviews of their software, whether used in the past or currently in use. Employees, competitors and other audiences are also able to share their reviews of services and software vendors. states that they use machine learning models and multiple signals to determine the sentiment score. It bills itself as unbiased, community driven and transparent, with its website providing detailed descriptions of all the categories and sub-categories that contribute to the ratings.

The platform ranks more than 500 software categories and 200 service categories.