Breakthrough Teradata software a move toward the ‘Analytics of Everything’


Enterprise analytics and marketing applications developer Teradata will launch new software early next year to better leverage big data, enabling businesses to “listen” in real-time and discover patterns in multiple streams of data, including business operations data, human behavioural data and the massive, fast-moving and typically unharnessed Internet of Things (IoT) data.

The software reduces the complexities of data gathering and analysis, allowing business analysts and other non-IT personnel to act as data scientists, gaining new business insights and faster answers to business questions for competitive edge, improved systems reliability, improved quality, increased profits and other business benefits.

“Customers can now take full advantage of IoT data generated from nearly an unlimited number and type of devices,” said Hermann Wimmer, co-president, Teradata.

“Teradata Listener and Aster Analytics on Hadoop are breakthrough IoT technologies that push the analytic edge, making the ‘Analytics of Everything’ possible.”

Teradata Listener is self-service software designed to collect and distribute simultaneously multiple fast-moving data streams from a wide range of sources including sensors, telematics, mobile events, click streams, social media feeds and IT server logs. It then pushes data to Hadoop, Aster Analytics, Teradata Database and other platforms. Teradata Listener, now available in beta, will be available globally in the first quarter of 2016.

Aster Analytics on Hadoop is an integrated analytics software solution that allows users to combine machine learning, text, path, pattern, graph and statistics within a single workflow. Aster Analytics includes more than 100 different business-ready analytics techniques and seven vertical industry applications to run directly on Hadoop. Aster Analytics on Hadoop will be available globally in the second quarter of 2016.

According to Teradata, its recently released Integrated Big Data Platform 1800 provides a cost-effective platform to support this new software at approximately $1000 per terabyte of compressed data.