Birst extended to Android; adds collaboration tools

Networked BI

Brad Peters, Birst

Enterprise cloud BI and analytics provider, Birst, has added new capabilities to its Networked BI platform, including Birst Mobile for Android, collaboration and end-user data preparation.

According to Birst, these new capabilities delivers the end-user ease-of-use and governance capabilities necessary for enterprise-wide analytics.

“To stay ahead of the curve, we need to empower all business users across departments to work freely with data without sacrificing governance and agility,” said Joe Sims, director of information management, Rovi. “With Birst’s Networked BI platform and its new end-user data prep capabilities, users have access to interconnected virtual instances of data that enable them to make the most accurate, data-driven decisions.”

The end-user data preparation capabilities allow users to rapidly refine their own data, analyse it, or blend it with data with other users in the BI network. This eliminates silos that can arise from analysing data on a desktop.

Birst’s collaboration capability provides the opportunity to introduce in-context discussion threads that mimic daily social media interactions. User posts within Birst capture the data in context, ensuring that users can see the data as it was when the original posts were created.

In the mobile space, Birst Mobile has now been extended to Android users, with offline capabilities so that data and content is automatically synced.

“Birst’s revolutionary approach to BI allows for agility, so business users can operate in their own personal BI sandbox while staying connected across the entire enterprise,” said Brad Peters, chief product officer, Birst. “Unlike traditional approaches, Birst’s Networked BI Platform helps business leaders empower users to work freely with data, while delivering trust, governance and agility at scale.”

The new capabilities are included in both the cloud and on-premise versions of Birst’s Networked BI platform.

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