Asia-Pacific ranks second for mobile BI adoption

Asia-Pacific ranks second among world regions in the highest percentage of mobile business intelligence (BI) adoption, according to the annual BI Survey 14, conducted by the Business Application Research Center (BARC).

The BARC is the world’s largest independent survey of BI end-users.

Only South America has a higher percentage of mobile BI adoption – 30 per cent to Asia Pacific’s 26 per cent. The two main reasons these two regions are leading the pack are: North American and Europe have more stringent data security requirements; and the Android line of products, which is less secure than Apple iOS, has a greater proliferation in South America and Asia Pacific, while North America and Europe are dominated by Apple products.

The survey found that 79 per cent of those surveyed employ mobile BI for displaying interactive reports and dashboards, while 70 per cent use it to display static reports and dashboards.

Just 20 per cent of users were employing their mobile BI software for data collection, although slightly more than one-half (55 per cent) were conducting data analysis.

Broken down by industry, general services and miscellaneous business led the pack in mobile BI usage at 19 per cent and 18 per cent respectively.

Manufacturing and retail/wholesale tied for third at 17 per cent each. Interestingly, these two sectors were the leaders in planning to invest in mobile BI in the next 12 months – 31 per cent of wholesale/retail respondents and 29 per cent of manufacturing respondents.

The industry with the least interest in investing more in mobile BI solutions appears to be financial services, where 44 per cent of respondents said the technology was “not required”.  The industry with the current smallest use of mobile BI is utilities, at only 9 per cent.